To soon to leave

“It’s not like you wasted your time” was Said’s respons to my complaints over how fast six weeks go by. I guess it’s true as time seems to accelerate along with how much I enjoy myself. I can’t think of any trip I made where I experienced as much and met so many new friends. Not once have I been bored or felt that I had to come up with something to do. The few times when we sat still for a change, I actually relished, which is rather unusual for being me.
The last couple of days in Boulder were nice and kinda relaxed. We did some climbing in Cleer creak canyon (Primowall is AWESOME) and bouldered in Flagstaff. Most of the time however were spent hanging out with friends, enjoying just being around. 
Christian Griffith "Undercling traverse"
Christian Griffith repeating Undercling traverse at Flagstaff. A problem that he climbed “perhaps about a 1000 times”, to use his own words.
Normaly when a trip comes to an end I’m pretty tired and can see some bright sides about being back home. This time is no different in terms of me being tired, but not of travelling, so I could just as well have taken some rest in Boulder and then kept going. But I guess I will have to get used to the thought of climbing in minus degrees around Stockholm for a while, which is also quite nice. Only not as nice as climbing in Rifle or Smith.