Trick or treat

After a couple of days climbing in Maple Canyon on the most funky rock I’ve ever seen, we moved on to Salt Lake City on Thursday night. Our plan was to only stay during our restday and then move on towards Smith Rocks. But when we where invited to spend Halloween with Sam Ellias and friends, plans changed.
It was fun to be parts of this holiday in its cradle. During the day we went bouldering in Little Cottonwood Canyon (LCC) with Ronnie Jenkins and Lauren Callaway. They gave us the grand tour of the area and pointed us towards all the best climb. As sun set over SLC we drove back down from the mountains and headed to Sam’s place for burgers and off course, Halloween candy. The house was filled with people and we ate, drank and talked all night. 
Yesterday morning we jumped back in our very small rental car, perhaps the smallest thing on four wheels in the entire US, and continued west. On the way we did a quick stop in Idaho city of rocks. It was nice to break up the long drive with some climbing and to see yet another great crag.
While Said has been driving I’ve been scanning the Smith Rocks guidebook and I can already say that the two weeks we are planning to stay wont be enough.