Unexpected turns in life

I do not believe in either luck or faith. I used to think that for every adversity one has to suffer, there is something good coming to compensate for it. This theory is, as many others, easy to turn in to reality with a little help from an imaginative mind. However, from experience I have become aware that life isn’t that simple. There are no certainties, no made out patterns to be followed and least of all, there is no such thing as justice. I should know. Comparing mine to many life stories I’ve heard, I’ve been incredibly fortunate growing up. I always had people close to me. Family and friends that wants nothing but my best and to who I can always turn in hard times. My parents especially, who has given their lives for me and my brother. I guess that is easy to think of as a certainty as it’s something every parent is expected to do for their children, but it’s not always how it goes.

“The world changes every day, but sometimes “change” means it won’t ever be the same”.

Swedish poet, Alf Henriksson has written a piece out of which I pulled the sentence above. I don’t know how much justice my poor translation is giving his wisdom, but I hope you get the point. It’s incredible how much one event can affect the life of you or others. It’s also astonishing how fast one can be content with the turn of events. I have realized how easy it is to adapt to a reality, but also to be blinded by own concerns. While walking around moaning over an injured finger, I thought this year took off in a terrible way. Little did I know. Comparing issues however, won’t reduce concerns. An individuals worries may seem nonsensical to the world, but they are still troublesome to the person they fall upon. I think it is good to be aware of this, but also knowing that even when you are tempted to think that life is as hard as can possibly be, you can’t ever be sure…

Although I’ve stopped believing in the theory I speak of above, perhaps I have come to look at things in a different way. I have been proven that even in the most difficult times, if just seeing things from a slighty altered perspective, light might still fall on the good forces in life. I know I will never be able to make up for all the love and support me, my Mom and Brother has recieved lately. There are no words to explain my appreciation, but trust me when I say that I will never forget. So rather than putting down endless lines, trying to explain how thankful I am, I will keep it simple and hope you believe me when I say, that all my heart is behind these two – Thank you!