I don’t think I’ve ever visited a more stunning climbing area than Citdibi. A crag under development, located about a forty minute drive from Geyikbayırı. When approaching the wall it looks huge and as you reach the middle sector you will discover that the foot of the wall actually is about 30 meters bellow what you first think is ground level. Thus you will be adding these meters of climbing to the already 70 meter high limestone ocean.

Tobias Haug Citdibi
Tobi working his 8b+ project.

It was inspiring to watch Tobi spotting lines and working on opening new routes. Seing how much time and effort he put’s in to each new route, I can’t even begin to imagine how many hours he has put in to open over 500 climbs in Geyikbayırı.

 Tobias Haug Turkish airlines