Boulderkeskus ISATIS

First weekend of February, I visited Finland and Helsinki for the first time. A city that lived up to everything I ever it imagined it would be, in terms of grey, cold and snowy. What I did not expect however, where all the great indoor climbing-facilities there is to be found. I was invited by my two friends Henna and Jarmo to attend the opening of the latest addition, their new bouldering-gym Boulderkeskus Isatis.

I had not been climbing since before Christmas due to finger injury, and that barely changed over the weekend. Not being able to climb so much, did however not really spoil my trip since I got to meet both old freinds aswell as new acquaintances. Also, since Jarmo is something of a child caught in a grown mans body and really appreciate toys, there where TONS of other things to keep me occupied. Such as pinball machines, videogames and a pooltable. Along with massages, aromatheraphy, yoga- and pilates-classes, this makes for a place where I could easily hang out not only on the days when I’m training. Although, the main reason to why I would be visting Isatis is still the crazy walls that Jarmo designed. The place offers a bit of everything in terms of wall-angles and shapes and from the looks of it, I think it’s a great gym for training. Thanks again, Jarmo and Henna for having me!

Checking the results for the final.
Invited pro-climber Rustam Gelmanov on the first problem in the final of the opening compeititon.