Video – Whippin up the westcoast

I normally have a hard time making it out to the rocks during the summer months due to spending most of my time working. I try to stay in shape by training on my home wall, and look at the time as a yearly brake from pushing myself to send. However, at some occations I find my way to the crags nearby my home. This summer, I acctaully even made it up a couple of problems I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, along with repeating some old classics for the camera. Some of them ended up in this edit.

Featured problems:
Mon gôut 7B+, Ulorna
Shelter 7B+, Tjörn
En världsomsegling under havet 7C, Lyse kyrka (sec. ascent)
Z-sprickan 7B, Häller
Dogma 7A, Häller

Climber in video:
Daniel Olausson

Daniel Olausson

“Nevermore” by The soundtrack of our lives
“Streets of the unknown” by Machinimasound

Thomas Schermer

Victor Lindqvist
Daniel Olausson

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