True determination

For a couple of years now, I have followed my close friend Henrik Sennelöv through motivation mixed with frustration, while batteling with one of his big projects. Not only has it meant a physical challenge, but due to the problem being extremly sensitive to rain since water keeps pooring down it long after even the smallest shower, it has required incredible patience from Henrik. When forecasts has been looking promising, he has been in standby mode to go out as soon as weather has allowed. Allot of the times he has arrived at the crag only to discover the problem being impossible to try.

Thank’s to a dry summer and autumn, Henrik has been able to try his project more frequently than before, and yesterday I recieved a text-message from him saying: “Finally sent it, on my last try before I had to leave for picking up the kids at daycare…” Congratulations Henrik on a great addition to the westcoast-bouldering!