I am proud and happy to announce a new collaboration between me and LYO FOOD. A family run buisness that produces expedition-food.

During the past year, living and cooking in my van, I haven’t exactly kept a very varied diet. The options of what you can keep and cook in a car are not huge, at least not with my cooking experience. I have consumed more than one can of tuna, and at some point, this went from being something I enjoyed, to something I ate just because I did not know of anything better. I will probably be cooking my pasta-pesto-tuna-dish on future trips aswell, but I will definetly be mixing it with meals from LYO. 

Last time I ate freeze-dreid food (until a couple of weeks ago) was
at the age of sixteen, when me and a friend was hiking to Kebnekaise,
Swedens highest mountain. After a week of adding boiling water to and eating out of different packages, which were said to contain
everything from bolognese to oatmeal, but in reality tasted exactly the same, I swore never to force myself through another one of these meals. But when a friend was praising this meal he’d tried out of a booth at the Outdoor-tradeshow in Friedrichshafen, I got too curiouse not to visit them myself.

As with most mom’s, mine is a great cook. It’s impossible to beat her food, and if there is something I miss when being away from home, it´s her bolognese. However, I have yet not tried a better substitue to it, that I can make in my van (or in any other kitchen for that matter), then LYO’s. Having any of their soups, mains, breakfasts or even just dried fruits, it’s not hard to understand why they recieved the Outdoor industry award for best meals available on the market. Everything is 100% natural and does not contain any preservatives, artificial food-additives, colorants or flavour enhancers. They even grow some of the herbs and fruits used in the products in their own plantations…

You can order their products off their website, and if you don’t believe what I’m saying about it being great, I think you should get just one (I recommend the bolognese), and bring out on your next climbing day or why not just as work-lunch. This way you will either confirm what you are now thinking, that I’m really only exaggerating how good the food is. Or you will discover something that will save you allot of time and energy on future climbingtrips. I am fairly certain which one it will be…