Betavideo – Stora stygga vargen 7c+, Tjörnbroklippan

It´s rare that I tie myself to a rope, but towards the end of last summer it actually happend on more than one occation. I know that there is a few of you out there who doubts me on this (and I am not blaming you), so in order to have some proof, I decided to film one of these moments. Off course, as soon as I’d loaded the footage on to my computer, I forgot all about it. Until the other day when I was looking throw my video-gallery and stumbled upon the clip. It did not make much of a video, but at least some beta from distance for those of you interested in seeing how I climbed Stora stygga vargen at Tjörnbroklippan.

Daniel Olausson
Daniel Olausson
Victor Lindqvist

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