Home away from home – A short about my spring in Font

I think this one pretty much speaks for itself, but just to give a brief summary, this video shows some of my most memorable moments from the time I spent in Fontainebleau this spring. There’s been quite a few, even though the weather overall was far from great. And as always, apart from the climbing, I came to know many new friends, as well as being reunited with familiar faces that I do not see nearly as often as I would like. Everyone has in some way contributed to this video…

In order not to make those of you who decide to watch this, feel like I’m robbing you of too much time, I have tried to keep it kinda short. If you after having seen it, would happen to like to see more, I will be putting together some outtakes-shorts that I will publish as I finish them. This way you can choose how much is enough. Hope you enjoy what I did…

Featured problems:
Big Dragon 8A – Petit Bois
NoNameYet 7B+ – Rocher Fin
Never last! 6C+ – Puiselet Mont Sarrasin
Megalight 7B – Rocher Saint-Germain
 Modulor assis 7C+ – Franchard Sablons
le Mur Lombard 7A – Franchard Hautes Plaines
l’Enfer des Zombies 7C+ – Gros Sablons nord
Compression 7B+ – Coquibus Longs Vaux

Climber in video:
Daniel Olausson

Daniel Olausson

Neil Hart
Patrik Svensson
Andreas Elmqvist
Kim Lindqwister
Haroun Souirji
Henrik Sennelöv
Daniel Olausson

“Almost familiar” by Pretty lights
“Fight for everyone” by The leisure society
“Demain je change de vie” by David Löhstana

Intro logo-animations
Jamie Wood

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