An epic journey home

After having linked Moongoli in two halfs on my first session, I was
keen to get back on it before it was time to leave Åland for now. So on our last day we went for an
early start in order to get a couple of hours at Kasviken and still
make it back to Mariehamn in time for our ferries departur. However,
driving the 45 minutes from Eriks cabin to the crag, I could tell
something was not right with my van. But pscyhed about my project, I
choosed too ignore it. If only then I would have known that we would only make it to about five kilometers from the boulders. From there it took us two towings, before getting picked up in Mariestad (two hours away from home), where we had to leave the car at a garage in the middle of the night.

Photo: Victor Lindqvist.



 Photo: Victor Lindqvist.