En världsomsegling under havet, Lyse Kyrka

Photo: Fredrik Jutfelt

The other day, I did what I believe is the second ascent of this stunning climb at Lyse Kyrka. It was first put up by Henrik Sennelöv in the autumn of 2007. I tried it a couple of years ago, without coming anywhere near close and ever since then, I haven’t been back. Until this weekend that is, when my visiting friend Geir and I went and had a play on it. I think what kept me from doing it already then was the warm, sunny weather making the crux-crimp to greasy for me to hold when doing the dyno to the arete.

Screenshot from Tuesdays filming.

After getting back from work earlier than usual on Tuesday afternoon, me and Victor decided to go climbing and Victor convinced me to go back to Lyse. On our way out, we where met by a cold front of clouds and winds coming in from the nearby ocean. A sight that filled me with hope and optimism. At location, after a couple of goes with long rest in between them in order to keep the skin cold, I stuck the crux-move for the first time and topped out En världsomsegling under havet.