September outtakes – Albarracin

I am not sure if you can actually call this an outtakes video since it’s no different from the other short’s that I am posting. The reason to why I came up with the name in the first place, is that it contains some problems that I climbed during my stay in September, but wheren’t able to fit in the first video I made, and therefore I consider these clips outtakes.

Regardless of the name, I hope you will enjoy seeing some more footage from my September stay in Albarracin…

Featured problems:
El plus del autobús sit 7B – La Fuente
Air France 6C+ – Tierra Media
Percebe conection 7A – Psicokiller
Quebrantamentes sit 7B+ – Techos
Climber in video:
Daniel Olausson
Daniel Olausson
Daniel Olausson
Martin Kluibenschädl
Neil Hart
Brad Sucks – “There’s something wrong”
In association with:
The Gecko world