Rainuary – A weather post

We are already a month into the new year and 2013 hasn’t taken off in a great way for me. Of the two previous january months I’ve spent in this forrest, weather-wise, one was great and the other one not so great. The bad one was in 2010, when it snowed every other day, mixed with rain on the in between ones. If it wasn’t for the fact that I took the shoot of returning the following year, and ended up not regreting my choice, I would probably not have risked starting yet another year with being sat snowed in a gite. Unfortunately the saying, third time lucky, doesn’t seem to apply on weather in Font, since this January isn’t adding to theese statistics in a positive way. We haven’t had allot of snow, but the amount of downfall that didn’t come in frozen form came down as rain instead.

At first I felt really psyched to be back here after christmas, but after the first
week of driving around looking for dry rock, that psych was gone with
the wind. I have allways had a hard time sitting still, and there is
nothing I hate more than being on a climbingtrip, unable to
climb due to bad weather.

Chris, who I’m sharing the gite with, escaped to Switzerland a couple of weeks ago, whilst I stayed here and bought a membership to the climbinggym in Arbonne. His choice seems to have been the wiser, since he’s ended up sending several Ticino-testpieces, like Amber, Vecchia Leone and The Dagger. However, after feeling superweak when I returned from my christmasbreak, I feel that the sessions in the gym has done me good, and I do not regret my choice to stay here. Hopefully the milage that I have done on the wall, which I find is hard to get outdoors, will benefit me later during the spring.

Now I am keeping my fingers crossed for weather to act up during February, which is as long as my stay in this gite lasts. After that I’m moving back into my car and haven’t really decided on what I am doing. For now, I am happy to leave that open and cross the bridge when I come to it, seeing what forecast for different areas around Europe is like at the time. I would really like to go back to Albarracin, and to Switzerland. At the same time I know there will be tons of stuff left that I want to try around here, and since March is a month that has never made me disapointed when it comes to weather here, I will probably be tempted to stick around for a while longer. The only thing I know for sure is that there will be far from enough time for me to do all the things I would like, before I have to go back to Sweden for another summer of intense work…