Today I’m leaving Font to go home and see family and friends over Christmas. I am really looking forward to the holidays and to getting back to Sweden for a while. At the moment I am feeling pretty trashed, both physically and mentally, so I think a little break will do me good.

Overall this autumn has been great for me. I feel like I have moved forward as a climber. I may not be much stronger physically than I have been before, perhaps I’m even weaker, but mentally I have gained allot of strenght and I think my technique has improved a bit too. This despite the fact that I have been forced to more restdays than I would have wished for due to bad weather. At this point however, unlike before, I have learnt to except that when being on a long climbing-trip you will be dealing with times when the rain just pours down to heavy for it to be possible to climb, no matter how psyched you are.

I don’t know how much climbing I will be doing until the 7th of january, when I’m returning to the forrest. I probably won’t be posting as much stuff here on the blog, not to start with at least. I have learn’t that it’s good to, once in a while, relax my self from climbing completely, to recover both muscles and mind. I am still very psyched and excited to come back here in the beginning of next year, but until then I am just going to enjoy lazy days and off course, some christmas food!