A video about 30 days in Västervik

This video shows the highlights from the 30 days I spent climbing in Västervik in May this spring.

I have been travelling to Västervik to climb quite allot over the years since I started climbing, and from the very beginning I’ve been impressed by the amazing bouldering there is to be found around the Swedish eastcoast town. The concentration of beautiful (and in many cases hard) climbs is mindboggling, and constantly being added to thanks to lots of hard work being put in by Stefan Rasmussen and Jim Wasmuth with searching for and cleaning new boulders.

However, it seems to me that it’s not up until recently that climbers are starting to open there eyes for what Västervik has to offer as a climbing-destination. My hopes with this video is that it’s going to give a little extra push to spreading the word about Västervik climbing and that in the near future, even more climbers will come to explore the climbing, nature and city of Västervik!

I also want to address my appreciation towards Västervik climbing and Jim and Stefan for there great hospitality when welcoming Guntram and me. They put allot of effort into making us enjoy our stay, for wich I am very greatful!

This video was made by:
Daniel Olausson
In association with:
Additional camerawork:
Guntram Jörg
Climbers in video:
Daniel Olausson
Erik Massih
Guntram Jörg
Walker Kearney
Pretty lights – Finally moving
Dub pistols ft. Ashley Slater – Back to daylight
Passion pit – Take a walk