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I´m writing this post in english so that the person the text is all about can understand whats beeing said…

Whitout making any noise Marcus Eder from Austria has during a 5 months stay for studying, when not tearing down det woodenroom at Fabben, crushed many hard routes on the west coast and around Gothenburg.

I asked him about what routes he did while staying here and got told that he had climbed Some 8a´s and 8a+´s. Allthough I haven´t succeeded on any 8b. Here is a list of some of his sends. Only Sara in Tollsjö took him more than a one day effort:

I´m Pretty Much Fucking Far From Ok 8a+, Viks Kile

Musen 8a, Viks Kile
På Västfronten intet nytt 8a, Viks Kile
Törnrosa 8a, Hylteberget
Kejsarens nya kläder 8a, Korpaberget
Sara 8a, Tollsjö
Space Boy 8a, Seglora

Stora tygga vargen 7c+, Tjörnbroklippan
It aint over until the fat lady sings 7c+, Bräcke
30-åriga kriget 7c+, Viks Kile

Robot 7c FLASH, Korpaberget
Kometsvansen 7c, Korpaberget
Hey Baberibba 7c, Tjörnbroklippan
Hipp-Hopp 7c, Gubben i berget

He also manached to repeat Kalle Boströms Kayser Såsett 7C in Mellby after three days of work along with some other boulderascents…

Last summer he within one week climbed first his hardest boulder so far, 8B followed by a one day ascent of an unrepeated 8c+ route before rapping up one great week the next day by doing the FA of a 8c route.

When I first met Marcus in the begining of januari we decided that we would go climbing together so I could show him some climbs worth doing around the westcoast. We have every now and then bumped in to eachother but not been able to set a date for a day outdoors. Either I´ve been sick or he´s been sick or had an exam or I´ve had to work or… Yeah, you get the picture. And now unfortunetly Marcus, after had his last exam today, is now leaving for his homecountry…

Anyhow, it´s been a real plesure getting to know you at least a bit, altough I would loved to have spent some more time with you. But we´ll keep in touch and soon I´ll see you around Chironico, Magic or why not Utby!

(The pictures in this post has been borrowed from Marcus and his freinds blog – Motionontherocks. Check it out for more pictures, and for you that reads german, tellings about their adventures)