Routesetting and new agencies

Last week I was setting for the Nordic youth championchips and Swedish nationals in bouldering. The competition was held at Klätterdomen in Gothenburg this weekend and gathered close to 120 competitiors. I had a really good time working alongside Magnus Högström and Axel Hultqvist. Setting for comps I always put lots of pressure on myself, but in the end I felt quite happy with how the boulders and competition turned out. We recieved some feedback during the weekend, but I’m always eiger to hear more of what people have to say. So if you where there competing or just watching and would like to tell me your thoughts on the setting, I’d be more than grateful if you would drop me a line!

I recently initiated a couple of new collaborations with two climbinghold companies. This is making me the agent for Euro-holds (Rokodromo, Psycho art, Dai Koyamada hold, Loop holds, Levier holds, Hito holds & Alamo wood climbing) in Sweden, Finland and Denmark and for Solve climbing in all of Scandinavia. If you are interested in buying holds from any of these brands you are more than welcome to turn to me!

On Saturday I’m off to the Faroe islands for a weeks photoshoot with my friends at Röjk superwear. I’m really looking forward to hanging out with them and to travel to a place I’ve been wanting to visit all my life.